Our Episcopal Identity

“What a goodly thing if the children of the world could live together in peace.”

The Peace Song

What is an Episcopal Preschool?

The Episcopal Church is the American expression of the Anglican Communion, a worldwide church rooted in the Judeo-Christian tradition. As part of a global fellowship of Christians, Episcopalians embrace diversity. Since the church’s founding, adherents in this denomination have been comfortable with life’s questions and do not seek to impose answers; it is not a dogmatic religion. Episcopalians feel strongly that engagement with people with different points of view makes it possible to approximate a fuller apprehension of what we call truth.

“St. John’s Episcopal Preschool enthusiastically welcomes all families from all religious and non-religious backgrounds.”

Episcopalians as Christians establish the foundation of their lives on the inclusive teaching and love of Jesus Christ. An Episcopal Preschool is a concrete example of the love and concern that Episcopalians share for children, their education, and their families.

The Episcopal tradition respects people of all faiths and those with no faith tradition. It is flexible and open enough to welcome all people to share their own beliefs so that all of us might be better edified.

St. John’s Episcopal Preschool enthusiastically welcomes all people regardless of any particular religious convictions. The diversity represented in St. John’s Episcopal Preschool enhances the learning experience by valuing all faith perspectives in age-appropriate discourse in the classroom. This diversity complements the educational philosophy of the Preschool. Monthly chapels with candle lighting, prayer, singing, and stories celebrate the wonders of God’s world, events in the lives of fellow students, and special seasons to reveal the wide scope of love that Episcopalians believe that God has for all people.

St. John’s Episcopal Preschool is an integral part of the life of Saint John’s Episcopal Church. The Preschool staff and faculty provide a loving, nurturing, and creative environment where all children and their thoughts are valued and are encouraged to express their own feelings, ideas, and perspectives. We are committed to excellence in teaching, love for one another, and respect for one another’s beliefs; these are the hallmarks of this place of joy and wonder that we call St. John’s Episcopal Preschool.

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