In the Classroom

“Joy makes me feel like I am playing with my friends.”

-Lilly, age 4

“Friendships are when friends get together…And hugging.”

-Beau, age 4

“You don’t have to worry about anything here.”

-Emilio, age 5

“You can dress up and do everything you want. Just use materials and be a princess. You can play with belt materials or headband materials and then you are a princess”

-Henry, age 5

“Joy is golden.”

-Griffin, age 5

“You can try things. If you like it and get it right, you might want to keep doing it.”

-Ella, age 4

“Those pictures are people who used to be here all the things they used to do and their artwork. To remember what it was like and remember all the moments. ”

-Sebastian, age 4

“I am curious about writing down notes…different notes. You need to make them, too, if you want to know. ”

-Noreen, age 4

At St. John’s I learned I could do anything. And when I work with my friends, I can really do anything.

-Adanya, age 5

“We do all kinds of things here. I used a drill today even. We have a lot of fragile things.”

-Laney, age 4

“We play and make plans about what we are going to do and then we even do our plans.”

-Camila, age 4