Values & Mission


“Joy makes me feel like I’m playing with my friends.”
Lilly, age 4


“You keep secrets for your friend’s birthday committee. Don’t tell a little bit or it won’t be a surprise.”
Charlie, age 5


“You can try things. If
you like it and get it right, you might want to keep doing it.”
Ella, age 4


“I am curious about writing down notes…different notes. You need to make them, too, if you want to know.”
Noreen, age 4


The mission of St. John’s Episcopal Preschool is to celebrate children’s depth of wonder and joy in the world, and to engage with them and their families in their explorations. In a rich environment, children collaborate with experienced teachers to extend their thinking and to develop their unique abilities. As a ministry of St. John’s Episcopal Church, we seek to form a bridge to the wider community, reflect its diversity, and support the full potential of childhood.

Strategic Plan

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