How We Teach and Learn

St. John’s Preschool is inspired by the Municipal Preschools and Infant-Toddler Centers of Reggio Emilia, Italy, which provide the philosophical foundation for our values and actions. Our launching point is the belief that all children are competent, capable, and intelligent.

We Listen

It is vital to our program that children and adults build and develop a competency to observe, exchange, and dialogue with each other. Listening becomes a foundation for understanding what, why, and how we are thinking.

We Collaborate

Learning and teaching are processes that take place individually and collaboratively. We emphasize working together, sharing ideas, critiquing each others’ work, and communicating openly.

We Research

The freedom to wonder and explore, and the drive to pursue a line of thought, articulate an idea, or a problem, brings joy to learning at all stages of life. Mistakes are seen as powerful motivators for investigation and inquiry.

We Play

Learning and teaching require opportunities to create deep relationships with people and materials. When we play, we uncover possibilities at our own pace, imagine, create, negotiate socially, build self-esteem, and learn to love learning.

We Celebrate

Children and adults are celebrated for who they are. Uniqueness and individuality add to the complexity and diversity of relationships, forged through respect and trust.