The alumni of St. John’s hold a cherished place in the heart of our community. Their ongoing connection to the preschool is a testament to the enduring bonds and shared values that define our school’s spirit. Some have walked through our doors again to serve as interns, contributing their growing expertise and fresh perspectives. During the summer, our alumni presence is a familiar sight, as they work and participate in the summer program, reinforcing the strong ties that do not fade with time.

Our doors are always open to welcome back our alumni, and it’s a joy to have them join us, whether for our interactive alumni workshops or the much-anticipated book fair. Each visit brings a sense of nostalgia and a fresh breath of energy into our halls. Seeing their familiar faces is not just a reminder of the past, but a beacon of the ongoing legacy and impact of our St. John’s family. It’s always a pleasure to catch up, reminisce, and witness the wonderful paths they’ve taken since their graduation!

Life After St. John’s:

After children finish their Tucker Room year at St. John’s, they go on to a variety of public, parochial, and independent schools for Kindergarten. The St. John’s staff, including Head of School Molly McSherry, partner with preschool families at each step of the admissions process to help children find a school setting where they will continue to thrive. 

Additionally, St. John’s coordinates an “Admissions Out” night for parents of rising Kindergarteners, during which alumni parents from the preschool share their experiences with various local schools. This is an informal way for current preschool families to hear about a variety of schools, and allows them the opportunity to ask questions. 

Because the transition from preschool to Kindergarten is a big one, each spring, our Tucker Room children invite a panel of former St. John’s children to visit as Kindergarteners and share about their experiences. Our St. John’s alumni can speak candidly to current Tucker Room children about what Kindergarten is like in various school settings, and address their questions about moving on to a new school home.