School Wide Fundraising and Social Events 

Book Fair  

  • Adds books to the library and profits are used for a special purchase which will  benefit the children and educational program at the Preschool  
  • Open for two days (Friday, Saturday), includes casual lunch on Saturday  
  • Books are available for purchase over the weekend  
  • Parent committee supervises the event, places book and food orders, and  coordinates with Head of School  
  • Volunteers assist in organizing books, preparing food, and sales during event 
  • Time commitments vary from long term organizational work to a few hours during the  event  

Thanksgiving Feast  

  • On the Tuesday prior to Thanksgiving, all members of our community gather in Blake Hall after the Chapel Celebration for a feast prepared by the children and their families
  • Focus is to foster an appreciation of community and the fall harvest
  • Families contribute ingredients for the children’s in-class preparations of soup and muffins  
  • Chairperson(s) supervise the event  
  • Volunteers assist in preparation, set-up, clean-up  
  • Volunteers make muffins and chop vegetables with the children during the school day  

Chapel and Sing-Along



Twice a month, the entire school community is invited to gather for Sing-Along. Parents, siblings, grandparents, and caretakers often join children as we meet to become better acquainted and share in the delight of making music together. As classes take turns leading, they share a varied repertoire of new and old songs and special interests. Whether accompanied by instruments or sung a cappella, the joy of singing in a large group is apparent. Please join us!  


At St. John’s Preschool we gather monthly for a secular Children’s Chapel. Chapel is a unique opportunity to pause, give thanks, and to celebrate the wonders of our world, such as seasons, nature, and special events in the lives of the families and the school. All-school Chapel is typically held on Wednesday at 9:15 a.m., so parents can accompany their children. All families and caregivers are welcome!

Parent Teacher Council (PTC)  

  • The Parent Teacher Council is a responsive and dynamic organization that encourages a reciprocal relationship between school and home  
  • PTC offers opportunities to actively participate in our community as an investment in  their child as well as in their own preschool experience  
  • PTC Co-Chairs serve for one to two years  
  • PTC leadership is actively involved in all aspects of family involvement in the Preschool  
  • PTC and leaders provide organizational support and philosophical consistency for the events and activities of the parent body  
  • Support Room Parents in their role  
  • Participation in the PTC leadership requires a significant time commitment 
  • The PTC holds monthly meetings  
  • PTC selects and hosts readings about specific aspects of our philosophy and topics of  interest to parents 

Room Parents  

  • Primary and essential connection between parents, teachers, and philosophy, both within and between the classrooms  
  • Participate in meetings with teachers, coordinate classroom participation in scheduled events, and support activities linked to classroom investigations
  • Attend and report at general PTC meetings  
  • Set-up email parent communication network   
  • Work as a team, two per class, for one school year  
  • Significant time commitment for communication, coordination, and meetings  

New Parent Liaison  

  • Admissions Information Sessions and Tours are held in the Fall for families interested in  applying to St. Johns for the upcoming year  
  • Co-Chairs coordinate the volunteers for coffees and tours  
  • Volunteers act as tour guides